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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2020




Julie J. Ahn* The George Washington University Determining the role of inflammation in multiple sclerosis
James Bernot The George Washington University Towards a phylogenomic framework for copepod diversity and evolution
Rebecca A. Clement**** The George Washington University Deconstructing the construction of termite mounds
Charles Coddington George Mason University Reproductive Efforts of Vulnerable Obligate Flocking Species in Amazonian Second Growth Forests
Elizabeth S. Collins George Mason University Restoring Palo Santo, the Holy Wood of the Tropical Dry Forest
Lillian C. Frost** The George Washington University Intentional Ambiguity: Between Law and Implementation of Protracted Refugee Rights
Nicholas A. Hazzi The George Washington University Species delimitation, evolution and biogeography of Phoneutria (Ctenidae), one of the world's most venomous spiders
Elisha Henry Georgetown University When Lubianka Speaks: The KGB, Information, and the Press, 1954-1969
Ellen R. Jacobs Georgetown University Anthropogenic Noise and Urban River Dolphins
Zachary F. Karabatak Georgetown University Governing the Militia: Insurgent Command and Control in the Levant
Gennady Kurin University of Maryland, College Park Written Memorial of Shah Tahmasp: Did the Second Safavid Monarch Actually Write an Autobiography?
Chase A. LaDue George Mason University Understanding the phenomenon of musth to conserve Asian elephants (Elephas maximus): An integrative approach in Sri Lanka
Zachary S. Lamas University of Maryland, College Park Rearing queens in the laboratory: New method allows for novel viral and pesticide study
Santiago Meneses The George Washington University Endocrine and neurobiological mechanisms governing the primitive division of labor of North American Dracula ant colonies
Emma C. Moesswilde Georgetown University Climates of Change: British Agriculture and the Little Ice Age in the Eighteenth Century
Meadhbh Molloy George Mason University Understanding the relationship between genetic diversity and health in translocated Tasmanian devils: Implications for in situ management
Rodrigo Ranero University of Maryland, College Park The Syntax of Silence in Santiago Tz'utujil: An Endangered Mayan Language of Guatemala
Rachel A. Ruisard University of Maryland, College Park Uncovering New Archival Evidence for Women's Performance and Patronage in the Duchy of Lorraine
Tovah D. Siegel*** George Mason University Euglossine Bees of the Brazilian Amazon: Understanding Plant-Pollinator Interactions in a Fragmented Landscape
Abigail Upshaw***** University of Maryland, College Park Performing Parnassus: Leonardo da Vinci's Ephemeral Productions at the Court of Milan

* Joseph McLaughlin Meritorious Award in Biomedical Science
** Joan Ridder Challinor Meritorious Award for Overall Excellence
*** Max and Vera Britton Meritorious Award in Environmental Science
**** Henry H. Work Meritorious Award in Science
***** Gerson Nordlinger Meritorious Award in the Arts

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