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The Cosmos Club Award

The Cosmos Club Award has been presented annually since 1964 to persons of national or international standing in a field of science, literature, the fine arts, the learned professions, or the public service. The awardee is selected by the Board of Management of the Club from a list of three candidates proposed by the Club's Awards Committee, which solicits suggestions from members and others. The Award is supported by annual grants from the Cosmos Club Foundation.

The Cosmos Club Award Recipients

Date Awardee Field
1964 Elvin C. Stakman Biologist
1965 Henry Allen Moe Humanist
1966 Merle Antony Tuve Geophysicist
1967 McGeorge Bundy Foundation Executive
1968 Samuel Elliot Morrison Historian
1969 Robert D. Calkins Economist
1970 Edwin Herbert Land Scientist
1971 Kenneth Mackenzie Clark Art Historian
1972 Howard A. Rusk Physician
1973 Louis B. Wright Historian
1974 Horace M. Albright Conservationist
1975 Helen Hayes Actress
1976 Roger Tory Peterson Ornithologist-Artist
1977 Archibald MacLeish Poet
1978 Caryl P. Haskins Biologist
1979 Bernard MacGregor Walker Knox Classical Scholar
1980 John William Gardner Foundation Executive
1981 Lawrence McKinley Gould Geologist
1982 Lewis Thomas Physician
1983 Barbara Wertheim Tuchman Historian
1984 Paul A. Volker Economist
1985 Richard H. Bales Musician
1986 Albert B. Sabin Physician
1987 Jerome B. Wiesner Engineer
1988 S. Dillon Ripley Zoologist
1989 C. Everett Koop Surgeon
1990 James A. Van Allen Physicist
1991 Max M. Kampleman Diplomat
1992 W. Edwards Deming Statistician
1993 Gilbert F. White Geographer
1994 John Hope Franklin Historian
1995 Arthur Kornberg Biochemist
1996 Herbert Friedman Physicist
1997 Jonathan E. Rhoads Surgeon
1998 Sandra Day O'Connor Lawyer
1999 Jacob Rabinow Engineer
2000 Rita Rossi Colwell Biologist
2001 Donald A. B. Lindberg Physician
2002 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Public Servant
2003 Natalie Zemon Davis Historian
2004 Charles Yeager Aeronautics Pioneer
2005 Jim Lehrer Broadcast Journalist
2006 Elie Wiesel Humanitarian, Author
2007 Roald Hoffmann Chemist
2008 Vera C. Rubin Astronomer
2009 Frederica von Stade Mezzo-soprano
2010 Robert Caro Biographer
2011 Leon M. Lederman Physicist
2012 Philippe de Montebello Museum Director
2013 David McCullough Historian and Biographer
2014 Alice Rivlin Economist
2015 Carol W. Greider Molecular Biologist
2016 Thomas R. Pickering Diplomat
2017 Lonnie G. Bunch Museum Director
2018 David Rubenstein Philanthropist
2019 Bryan Stevenson Public Interest Lawyer
2020 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Supreme Court Justice