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The John P. McGovern Award

The late John P. McGovern, M.D. a member of the Cosmos Club, endowed the Foundation with a special fund for an annual series of lectures in science, literature, arts, and humanities. The Foundation Trustees select awardees whose endeavors have clearly distinguished them as leaders in their spheres of activity. The awardees deliver lectures open to the public at the Cosmos Club in their areas of recognition. A medal and an honorarium is presented to each awardee by the Cosmos Club Foundation, and a plaque placed in the Cosmos Clubhouse memorializes each award recipient.

John P. McGovern, a noted physician, educator, author, and medical historian, was a member of the Cosmos Club from 1953 until his death in 2007. He was the founder of the McGovern Allergy Clinic, Houston, Texas, the nation's largest private allergy clinic, and chairman of the boards of the McGovern Fund for Behavioral Sciences and the John P. McGovern Foundation.

The John P. McGovern Award Recipients

Category Date Awardee
Arts and Humanities 1986 Clark M. Clifford
Science 1987 Jean Mayer
Literature 1988 Irving Stone
Arts and Humanities 1989 Mstislav Rostropovich
Science 1989 Roger Revelle
Literature 1990 Joyce Carol Oates
Arts and Humanities 1991 Arnold S. Relman
Literature 1992 Carlos Fuentes
Arts and Humanities 1993 David McCullough
Science 1993 Stephen J. Gould
Literature 1994 Galway Kinnell
Arts and Humanities 1995 Sharon Percy Rockefeller
Science 1995 Eugene and Carolyn Shoemaker
Science 1996 Edward O. Wilson
Arts and Humanities 1997 Maya Lin
Literature 1998 Saul Bellow
Science 1998 Michael deBakey
Arts and Humanities1999Ismail Merchant and James Ivory
Literature2000 E. L. Doctorow
Science2000Wendy Freedman
Science2001J. Craig Venter
Arts and Humanities2002Sir Derek Jacobi
Literature2002 Norman Mailer
Science 2003 Robert D. Ballard
Arts and Humanities2003Leonard Slatkin
Science 2004 David P. Billington
Science 2005 Steven W. Squyres
Literature 2006 Michael Frayn
Literature 2007 Wole Soyinka
Science 2007 Eric Kandel
Arts and Humanities 2007 Jules Feiffer
Science 2008 Vinton G. Cerf
Science 2009 David Baltimore
Arts and Humanities 2009 Frances Sternhagen
Arts and Humanities 2010 Elaine Pagels
Science 2010 Anthony S. Fauci
Literature 2011 Calvin Trillin
Science 2011 Thad Allen
Arts and Humanities 2012 Kwame Anthony Appiah
Arts and Humanities 2013 Brian Lamb
Science 2013 Daniel Kahneman
Science 2013 Harold Varmus
Arts and Humanities 2014 Christoph Eschenbach
Science 2014 Henry Petroski
Arts and Humanities 2015 Gail Kern Paster
Arts and Humanities 2016 Jill Lepore
Science 2016 Karl Deisseroth
Science 2018 Albert-László Barabási
Arts and Humanities 2018 Denyce Graves
Arts and Humanities 2019 Molly Smith
Science 2019 Richard Owen Prum