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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2019




Arifa S. Ahsan Georgetown University Does 3-Dimensional Genome Organization hold the key to Regeneration?
Matthew I. Aruch University of Maryland, College Park The Pinkaiti Partnership: Understanding transnational, multi- stakeholder collaboration in the Brazilian Amazon
Christine R. Bresnahan American University Individual Differences and Interventions for Spatial Thinking Skills in Children with Dyslexia
Victoria R. Broadus **** Georgetown University Inter-American Musical Nationalism and Popular Understandings of Race and Nation: Luiz Heitor Corręa de Azevedo's Brazilian Field Recording Sessions (1942-'44)
Jakob Burnham Georgetown University Friendly Rivalry and Competitive Collaboration: Anglo-French Socialization in Early Colonial South Asia
Amanda K. Chen University of Maryland, College Park Transitional Space and the Art and Experience of Roman Doorways
Carter Clinton * Howard University Next generation sequencing of bacterial DNA found in New York African Burial Ground soil samples
Alyson Cluck University of Maryland, College Park Forms of Encounter: Zilia Sánchez and the Cuban Diaspora in 1960s New York
Rebecca Eckert University of Maryland, College Park Contribution of leaf-associated algae to stream macroinvertebrate growth
Sara E. Fischer Georgetown University Governing Health: Local Health Sector Workers as Political Actors in Malawi
Anthony E. Guidone George Mason University The United States' First Global City: Salem, Massachusetts, 1793-1815
Zhongtian Han The George Washington University Intelligence and China's Power Projection against Japan in Southeast Asia, 1940-1945
Charles P. Hinzman *** Georgetown University Metabolomic Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles: Changing the Way We Think About Tumorigenesis in Pancreatic Cancer
Lauren Jannette The George Washington University Radical and Religious Pacifism in the Face of a Growing Fascist Threat
Sukhwan Kang Georgetown University "Abominable Heretics Living on My Doorstep": Religious Tolerance and Coexistence at the Languedoc-Provence Frontier between Protestant Nîmes and Catholic Arles in Seventeenth- Century France
Jie Li University of Maryland, College Park Discovering the Mechanism of Action for Metabolite-Induced Cell Fate Changes
Thomas R. Lloyd Georgetown University The Soviet Union, international organizations, and the development of African higher education, 1956-1976.
Aimee A. Malzahn University of Maryland, College Park Branching out: Expanding CRISPR Plant Gene Regulation Toolkits
Andrew T. Marshall Georgetown University Language and the Nation in East Africa: Field Experimental Extension
Stanley D. Maxson University of Maryland, College Park The Ties that Bind: African American Social Networks and Claims-Making in Postbellum Tennessee
Trishula Patel ***** Georgetown University Indians in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe: A History of Colonialism, Identity, and Race
Samuel D. Pfister The George Washington University The Social Network of the Survey of Western Palestine
Jessica Roberts ** George Mason University New Evidence-based Methods in Reintroduction Science: Re- Wilding the Vinaceous-Breasted Amazon (Amazona vinacea)
Cory J. Young Georgetown University For Life or Otherwise: Abolition and Slavery in South Central Pennsylvania

* Henry H. Work Science Award
** Max and Vera Britton Environmental Science Award
*** J.K. McLaughlin Award in Biomedical Science
**** Gerson Nordlinger Award in the Arts
***** Joan Challinor Award for Overall Excellence

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