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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2022




Natalie Barsoum ***** The Catholic University of America Quand tu chants, bercée le soir entre mes bras: The Influence of Victor Hugo on Romantic Art Song
Madeleine A Becker George Mason University Weighing the risks: does invasion or eradication on islands deplete native genetic diversity more?
C.C. Borzilleri The George Washington University Printed Ladies: The Personal and Professional Lives of Women Printers/Publishers in the Early American Republic
Marcus Chua George Mason University A re-evaluation of the systematics and conservation status of chevrotains of the world using novel approaches
Martin Dale-Hench Gallaudet University Intuitions of native Japanese Sign Language users on mouthing words with multiple pronunciations
Tyson S Dawson The George Washington University Testing the Viral Fossil Hypothesis in Lupus To Shed Light on Pathogenesis
Natalie Donnell Georgetown University Anne de Croÿ and Archduchess Isabella Clara Eugenia: Borderlands Networks in the Early Seventeenth Century
Amelia Espinosa Georgetown University Tropical Destinations or Hazardous Homes?: A Study of Socio- Economic Integration of Migrant Populations in Panama and Costa Rica
Raychel Gordon University of Maryland, College Park Pointing Out the Connections Between Children's Math Knowledge, Executive Function Components, and Use of Gesture Based Strategies in Arithmetic Problem Solving.
Erin E Grundy The George Washington University Determining the relationship between mutant TP53 and tumor immunogenicity in ovarian cancer patients
Katie S Hummel Georgetown University Somatic Therapies for Memory Improvement: Gamma Entrainment and the Aging Brain
Maurice C Johnson Jr George Mason University Improving Health Outcomes by Financing Social Determinant of Health Programs
Erica Lally Georgetown University Spying on Neighbors, Shaping the State: The American Protective League, 1917-1920
Jonathan E LoTempio Jr The George Washington University Science diplomacy in global city Geneva: the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and data sharing
Khanh Ly The Catholic University of America Probing the molecular interactions in oral mucositis induced by cancer treatments using a gingival-on-a-chip as a screening platform
Armen Manuk-Khaloyan Georgetown University Perfecting the Imperial Modern: Ottoman Armenians at the Twilight of Empire, 1900-1914
Tianna L Mobley Georgetown University Legal Personalities of Early Modern Afro-Colombians in the Spanish Atlantic
Jarin Taslem Mourosi * The Catholic University of America Designing a Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine by CRISPR Engineering of Bacteriophage T4 Nanoparticles
Kristina N Nicholas American University Comparative Analysis of Fluoranthene, Napthalene, Pyrene, Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5), and 2,4,6,8-Tetramethylcyclotetrasiloxane (2468) in Anacostia and Potomac Watershed Locations
Jensen A Palmer American University Cholinergic mediation of reward-based action in medial frontal cortex
Darby L Pochtar George Mason University Do zombies eat less and get eaten more? The effects of castrating parasites on a host crab's diet and predation risk
Tyler M. Rippel *** Georgetown University How Does Sea Level Rise and Habitat Fragmentation Impact the Biotic Communities and Carbon Cycling of a Foundation Plant Species?
Stephanie A Schmidt George Mason University Assessment of forested wetland soil carbon and organic matter using quantitative color sensor measurements in the Washington metropolitan area, USA
Henry C Stevens Georgetown University Project Redstart: A full annual cycle approach to studying migratory birds
Martina V Thorne ** Georgetown University The Birth of Ornithology and the Production of Science in the New World: A New System to Navigate Through the Air Taken From the Observation of Birds (ca. 1760s)
Joyce Woo **** Georgetown University Coordinating Midbrain Inhibitory Circuits during Reward Learning

* Joseph McLaughlin Meritorious Award in Biomedical Science
** Joan Ridder Challinor Meritorious Award for Overall Excellence
*** Max and Vera Britton Meritorious Award in Environmental Science
**** Henry H. Work Meritorious Award in Science
***** Gerson Nordlinger Meritorious Award in the Arts

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