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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2018




Linda M. Amarante American University The role of the frontal cortex in food reward
Roger A. Bailey University of Maryland, College Park Dissertation Research at Huntington and Bancroft Libraries
Aparna B. Baxi * The George Washington University Understanding branchio-otic hearing loss syndrome through mass spectrometry based proteomics
Sara K. Berkowitz University of Maryland, College Park Ambiguous Bodies: Gender Non-Conformity and Bodily Transformation in Early Modern Art
Parviz L. Bozzelli *** Georgetown University Protease-activated receptor 1 (PAR-1) signaling as a potential therapeutic target in neuro-HIV infection
Jenna M. Cann George Mason University The Hunt for Low Mass Black Holes in the JWST Era
Sara Collini George Mason University Birthing A Nation: Enslaved Women and Midwifery in Early America, 1750-1820
Ala Creciun University of Maryland, College Park Reform on the Eve of Revolution: Russian Press and Competing Visions for the Monarchy in the 1880s
Chelsea Davis The George Washington University 19th Century British Wine Production at the Cape of Good Hope
Jacob S. Dingman Georgetown University 'The Unknown Country:' Western Travelers and the Construction of Tibet, 1860-1910
Thomas P. Foley Georgetown University Fossil-Fueled Democracy: Energy, Ecology, and Politics in Pennsylvania, 1830-1880
Dallas A. Grubbs The Catholic University of America Forgetting and Remembering the Merovingians: Identity and History in Francia c. 800-950
Carlos M. Hernandez George Mason University Effects of blood plasma transfusion from young mice to aged h-tau mice modelling Alzheimer's disease
Jon Paul Heyne The Catholic University of America The Franciscans of the Holy Land: Religion and Politics of the Mediterranean in the Age of Queen Sancia
Ruilong Hu University of Maryland, College Park Alteration of Sensory Perception with Neuropeptides in Migraine
Edward Hurme ** University of Maryland, College Park Response to climate variability in a marine foraging bat, Myotis vivesi
Brian R. Lovett University of Maryland, College Park Floral delivery of transgenic malaria mosquito killing fungi
Samuel JM Miner ***** University of Maryland, College Park 'The Exiles' Return: Emigres, Anti-Nazis and the Basic Law'
Kelly R. Ostrofsky The George Washington University Comparative analysis of arboreal locomotion in wild African apes
Simon G. Polson **** University of Maryland, College Park Sacred Music and Experience in London in the later Middle Ages
Rodrigo Ranero University of Maryland, College Park Documenting Santiago Tz'utujiil - An Endangered Mayan Language of Guatemala
Corey Rennolds University of Maryland, College Park Physiological response to extreme temperature following body part loss and regeneration
Dorian G. Russell American University The Influence of Edge Effects on Mantled Howler Monkey (Alouatta palliata) Food Resource Use and Availability in a Fragmented Forest
Madison V. Schramm Georgetown University 'Patterns of Threat Perception: Democratic Foreign Policy Decision-Making in the Suez Crisis and First Gulf War'
Mariia Telegina Georgetown University Practices of Sovereignty: Russia's Diplomatic Encounters with Muslim Powers in the Seventeenth Century
James V. Torres Georgetown University Economies in Transition: Markets, Money and Prices in the Northern Andes (1780-1860)
Ashley L. Valanzola The George Washington University The Need to Rebuild: Jewish Women in Post-Holocaust France

* Henry H. Work Science Award
** Max and Vera Britton Environmental Science Award
*** J.K. McLaughlin Award in Biomedical Science
**** Gerson Nordlinger Award in the Arts
***** Joan Challinor Award for Overall Excellence

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