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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2014




Elena Abbott Georgetown University

Free Soil, Canada, and the Atlantic Geography of the American Slavery Debate

Jessica Anderson The George Washington University

Making Locals: Somalia, Humanitarianism, and the Politics of Empowerment

Fiona Brabazon Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Intranasal Insulin treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury

Lyndsay Bratton**** University of Maryland, College Park

Artel and the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (MAK)

Joshua Brown-Clay Georgetown University

PDZ Domain-Binding Kinase in Prostate Cancer: A Novel Target to Prevent Metastases?

Kathryn Densford The George Washington University

The Relationship between Vienna and Moravia during the Great War

Lindsay Dupertuis University of Maryland, College Park

Imitation and Innovation in Maiolica Istoriati

Kelsey Flynn The George Washington University

Information Management and the Early English Atlantic Empire

Sarah Green The George Washington University

Ecomorphology of Snakes: Comparing Ecomorphotypes at a Global Scale

Miriam Grotte The George Washington University

Anne Truitt and Three-Dimensional Painting: Setting Color Free

Katie Hail-Jares American University

Tentative Release Date: Incarcerated Men's Individual and Communal Strategies for Community Reentry

Oliver Horn Georgetown University

U.S. Aid Programs and the Creation of Contemporary Colombia

Graham Hough-Cornwell Georgetown University Sweetening the Pot: A History of Taste and Tea in Morocco, 1860-1960
Adrienne Kates Georgetown University

Autonomous Mayas and International Capitalism in Mexico's Chewing Gum Forests

Charles Kraus The George Washington University

Shanghai's 'Educated Youth' on the Chinese Frontier and the Conjuncture of Chinese Foreign and Domestic Policies, 1963-1978

Barry McCarron Georgetown University

'The Chinese Must Not Come!' Irish Immigrants, Chinese Exclusion, and US-China Relations

Dana McCoskey George Mason University

Investigating trophic linkages for a Neotropical migratory bird: Molecular identification of prey items and validation of a protocol for molecular studies of avian diets

Louie Milojevic American University

George F. Kennan: The Missing Chapter on Yugoslavia, 1961-1963

Karoline Oldham** George Mason University

Ecological interactions in the face of climate change: a historical case study from the forests of North America.

David Patterson* The George Washington University

Human survival: A high-resolution comparison of Homo and Paranthropus ecology at Koobi Fora in northern Kenya

Pratha Sah Georgetown University

Effect of translocation on animal social networks, population robustness and disease vulnerability

Rachel Salzman Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

Rebranding BRIC: Russia's Campaign to Unite the Rising Powers

Victor Sugiharto*** Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

The Effect of Dengue Virus Infection on Aedes Aegypti Response to DEET

Vanessa Taylor The Catholic University of America

A New Voice for Mary: Fifteenth-Century Illuminations of Marian Communication

Dominic White The George Washington University

Tracking the evolution of four-legged dinosaur locomotion with three-dimensional imaging and digital models of the vertebral column and ribs

Julie Yarwood The Catholic University of America

The Wisconsin Connection: La Follette and FDR's 'Letter to the Nation's Clergy'

* Henry H. Work Science Award
** Max and Vera Britton Environmental Science Award
*** J.K. McLaughlin Award in Biomedical Science
**** Gerson Nordlinger Award in the Arts

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