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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2009




Bryan Arnold University of Maryland Social Communication in Pallid Bats (Antrozous pallidus)
John Bowlus Georgetown University The Cedar Lobby: Charles Malik and U.S. Policy in Lebanon, 1958-1976.
Kamali Carroll George Washington University The Preneural Serotonergic System in Lytechinus pictus: A Role in Gastrulation
Rodney Coeller American University 'Going Native': Radicalized Evangelical Missionaries in Central America during the 1970s and 1980s
Christina Collins University of Maryland Preserving Valuable Genetics of the Przewalski's Horse Through Reproductive Research
Laura Dolezal George Washington University An Optimized Method for DNA Extraction from Aged Postage Stamps, and a Correlation Between Human Salivary ±-Amylase Activity and DNA Quantity. (Joint with Emily Herren)
Catherine Formolo George Washington University Proteomic Analysis of Malignant Glioma Invasion
Lee Ghajar George Mason University Tredegar Iron Works: Industrial Survival and Growth in the South from Reconstruction through the Gilded Age
Paaqua Grant George Washington University Maternal factors that specify neural fate in Xenopus laevis and their evolutionary relationship to similar factors in Drosophila melanogaster.
Julie Hebert * University of Maryland The biogeography of gene flow between flies on holly hosts.
Robb Hernandez University of Maryland The VIVA Papers of Los Angeles, 1988-2001
Emily Herren George Washington University An Optimized Method for DNA Extraction from Aged Postage Stamps and a Correlation Between Human Salivary ±-Amylase Activity and DNA Quantity (Joint with Laura Dolezal)
Anita Kondoyanidi Georgetown University Maxim Gorky and the Russian Revolution
Michael Landis George Washington University 'Though the Heavens Fall': Slavery, Northern Democrats, & the Destruction of the Union
Elizabeth Nugent Georgetown University More than Terrorism: Hezbollah in the context of Lebanon's failed state
John O'Keefe George Washington University Research on Aliens and Citizenship in Early
United States
Justin Pope George Washington University Whispers and Waves: Insurrection, Conspiracy, and the Search for Salvation in the British Atlantic World, 1729-1742
Breanne Robertson University of Maryland Ancient Mexico in United States Art and Visual Culture, 1933-1945
Mary Ronan Corcoran College of Art + Design Not Your Mother's Embroidery
Erik Stemmy George Washington University Functional effects of Hookworm excreted/secreted products on human Natural Killer cells
Rodolfo Tello Abanto American University The Cultural Dynamics of Wildlife Harvesting: Worldview Systems and Hunting Intensity among the Huachipaeri of the Peruvian Rainforest
Ryan Valdez ** George Mason University From intense land-use to conservancy: measuring ecological recovery in Laikipia, Kenya
Ajay Verghese George Washington University The Dual Legacies of the British Raj: Colonialism, Caste and Contemporary Governance in India

* Henry H. Work Science Award
** Max and Vera Britton Environmental Science Award

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