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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2007




Michelle Beissel Heath George Washington University Untidy Things: Children's Games and the (Adult) Discourse of Play
Maria Castaneda George Washington University Reconstucting evolutionary relationships of a poorly known group of South American Anolis lizards
Chia-Pin Chang George Washington University MicroFluidic Analytical Techniques and Saliva Analyzer Development
Daniel  de Lill George Washington University High-Pressure  Crystallography and Luminescence of Metal-Organic Framework Materials
Julie Donovan George Washington University Sydney Owenson and the Politics of Style
John Faith George Washington University The Bones of Shompole Conservation Area, Kenya: The Application of Bone Survey as an Ecological Monitoring Technique
Daniel Fergus University of Maryland Molecular Basis of Song Variation in Hawaiian Crickets
Angela George University of Maryland "The Old New World": Unearthing Mesoamerican Antiquity in the Art and Culture of the United States, 1839-1893
Katherine Grover American University Coal, Cars, and Cows: Climate Change Politics in India
Samuel Harris Georgetown University  'Amr Khaled's Life Makers: An Ethnographic Study of a Contemporary Islamic Organization
Bjoern Hofmeister Georgetown University Organized Pan-Germanism and Local Identity in Central Europe, 1914-1939
Melinda Hung George Washington University The use of Single Base Extension technique to Characterize 13 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms of Haplogroups H, J, T, V, and K in the Mitrochondrial Genome to Help Infer European Ancestry
David Hunter University of Maryland  Jim Crow Goes Abroad: Race and the American Nation During World War II
Saleha Husain George Mason University Application of synchrotron infrared spectromicroscopy to detect pyrene degradation by Pseudomonas fluorescens Strain 29L
Stephanie Jacobe American University Reviled Businessman, Committed Catholic, and Gilded Age Patron
Sarah Johnson * George Mason University Population Genetics of The Native Rodents of the Galapagos Islands
Melissa Kravetz University of Maryland Using the Language of Eugenics: Female Physicians in Weimar and Nazi Germany
Nathan Manuel Corcoran College of Art & Design The Black Mountain Legacy: Why Black Mountain College is still influencing art 50 years after closing their door.
Deborah O'Donnell Georgetown University Ecological Determinates of Vector Competence
Herman Pandana University of Maryland Feasibility of Gold Nanoparticle Tagged Aptamer as Biomarker Sensor: Thrombin Detection
Genevieve Spanjer University of Maryland Social Learning and Decision-making while Foraging in Fruit- and Nectar-feeding Bats
Ceren Susut Georgetown University Tuning the Electrocatalytic Activity of Platinum Nanoparticles via Shape and Size Control
Jennifer Urbanski Georgetown University The identification of genes underlying photoperiodic diapause in the invasive mosquito Aedes albopictus
Juliet Wiersema University of Maryland Architecture for the Afterlife: Ceramic House Pots of the  Moche

* Max and Vera Britton Environmental Science Award

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