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Cosmos Scholars Awards Recipients—2006

Name School Topic
C. Scott Allen George Mason University Detecting a Delivery Vehicle for Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction
Bryan D. Arnold University of Maryland Investigation of Pallid Bat (Antrozous Pallidus) Social Calls as a Mechanism for Group Decision Making
Kelly L. Boeneman Georgetown University Spatial Regulation of Chromosomal Replication
Katherine E. Cano George Mason University Effect of Trace Metals on Amyloid Configuration
Paul J. Constantino George Washington University Skull Adaptation to Mechanically-Demanding Foods
Megan M. Faller Georgetown University Women and Gender in Vienna 1900
Meghan E. Giulino Georgetown University Indigenous Protest in Ecuador: Toward a Comparative Framework
Vinita Gowda* George Washington University Breeding System of Two Native Carribean Heliconias Pollinated by Sexually Dimorphic Purple-Throated Carib Hummingbirds
Laura B. Groves University of Maryland Lilly Martin Spencer's Images of Children
Katharina Hering George Mason University The Popularization of Genealogical Research in the US Between 1876 and 1941
Nicholas B. Jabro University of Maryland Ecological Comparison of Bahamian and Australian Stromatolites
Christina M. Kennedy University of Maryland Birds in Fragmented Landscapes in Jamaica: Role of the Matrix
Roger P. Mellen George Mason University A Culture of Dissidence: The Emergence of Liberty of the Press in Pre-Revolutionary Virginia's Public Sphere
Kurt F. Moser George Mason University Microtopography and Ecosystem Development in Created Wetlands in Virginia
Irina A. Papkov Georgetown University Is Orthodox Christianity Compatible with Democracy? Russia as a Test Case
Andrew Z. Robarts Georgetown University Population Movements and Migration Policies in the Black Sea Region
Paula J. Rodgers University of Maryland Comparative Study of Sperm Storage in Crabs
Felicia Rosu Georgetown University In the Name of Glory: Political Life in Transylvania and Poland-Lithuania During the Reign of Stefan Bathory, 1571-1586
Robert F. Smith University of Maryland Connecting Terrestrial Adult Activity to In-Stream Community Structure in Urban and Rural watersheds
Bradley G. Thomas, Jr. Howard University Reversal of Cisplatin Resistance by Terbium in Human PC-3 Prostate Cancer Cells
Elisenda Vila Llonch University of Maryland Stories on the Walls; Narrative and Symbol in Moche Mural Painting
Kirby L. Webster American University Coral as Canaries in the Coal Mine

* Max and Vera Britton Environmental Science Award

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